Build Requirements

First, ensure you have all the build requirements available to build RikerBot.

Build Requirements:

  • C++20 compiler (Only GCC 11.1+ as of writing, Clang 12 trunk works too)
  • CPython >= 3.5
  • SWIG >= 4.0
  • CMake >= 3.18
  • Any cmake-supported build system, Ninja is recommended for performance
  • Boost >= 1.73
  • Botan >= 2.0.0
  • zlib, any version from this millenia
  • python-minecraft-data, latest
  • setuptools, any recent version
  • wheel, any recent version

Build Proccess

Once you’ve got the requirements, you can build and install the framework from the source root directory with:

pip install .

RikerBot should be successfully installed. You can verify the process worked by running import rikerbot from the Python REPL.

If you’re interested in developing C++ extensions yourself you may wish to build locally to preserve the cmake cache between compiles, you can do this with:

python bdist_wheel

This will create a dist folder containing the compiled module, which can be installed with:

pip install [file].whl

You may also wish to simply use cmake directly, and this is also supported.