Before You Start

Please open an issue describing what feature you’re looking to implement or bug you’re trying to fix. That way we can coordinate on the best strategy and have a channel to troubleshoot issues. There’s no set issue template, just try to be descriptive and open to followup questions and feedback.

Get the Source

The prefered option is to fork the Github repo, develop features on that fork, and make a PR.

Alternatively source code cloned from upstream with:

git clone

Style Guidelines

The repository root includes .clang-format and .style.yapf files for use with clang-format and yapf when coding in C++ and Python respectively. Please format code with these tools before submitting a PR.

Submitting a PR

When opening a PR on the repo be sure to reference the associated issue number in at least one commit message and the PR description itself. The PR must be able to merge cleanly against the master branch.